SSC Golf Certifications

If you are interested in teaching golfers our method, we have created a certification process. There is material to be studied, tests to take and we’ll have you do a few video case studies to prove your competence. This is not a “rubber stamp” process. We must ensure that every certified instructor is extremely knowledgeable in each aspect so that students around the world can be sure to get the highest quality of instruction.

We have four levels of certification covering different aspects of the golf swing.

Level 1 - Speed and Power Instructor

Learn speed training laws, physics, biomechanics and physiology.

Level 2 - Spine Engine Instructor

Learn everything about the spine engine, lateral bend/lordosis, dysfunctional moves, etc.

Level 3 - Micro Moves Technician

Learn all the 50+ micro moves and how they fit into the spine engine paradigm, how to create a micro move flow chart.

Level 4 - Golphysicist

Real world biomechanical knowledge and how to do basic analysis of velocity, acceleration, and produce kinetic chain graphs.

Certified Instructors

We have two certified instructors:

  • Jesse Pettersen of Canada Level 2
  • John Novosel Jr. of Kansas Level 1
  • Mark Harris of Seattle, Washington Level 1

Please contact Kelvin for more information if interested in our certification program