For those of you far away from Hawaii (most of you are), I do online instruction as well. Or, if you are close to one of my certified instructors, you can certainly expect the highest level of instruction from them. We get to the root of the problems, not just band aid your problems.  So give us a try!!!
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Long Drive champions that have used SSC golf services include Kari Hyökki, Jeff Gavin, Tyler Kellett, Dave Gourno, Ryan Louw, Bruce Evans, John Novesel, AJ Dorerty, Mitch McDowell, Allen McDougall, Chad Klein, CJ Lazar, and many others.

Some quotes from some of them:

During the dessert duel 2009 I was hitting some balls by myself at The Palms range. It was 110F outside. Rick, who was a complete stranger to be back then, spent an hour in the heat filming me and giving me tips - never asking for a penny for it. He was a true professional and gentleman and impressed me a lot with his knowledge and passion. This was my first year in long driving and I finished as the best European at 15th place in the REMAX world long drive championships. Now one week after the competition it is time to work on my swing faults and there is NOTHING that can beat the value of the footage and expertize Rick and Kelvin are able to provide to me. They are true professionals in what they do and I can recommend them to anyone who is serious about their long drive training. I work as a personal trainer for pro athletes and elite golfers in Sweden and I would never be writing this if I personally didn't find them very top professionals in what they do. Kari Hyökki.

You can always you use my name, hopefully I accomplish something in the future. Anyways, by all means, push my name, give my contact info for references, and I'll stand behind your service, because it works.
Sincerely, Tyler D Kellett

Formal permission is granted to use my likeness in any sales or advertisements. I wish to thank you for the outstanding video of my swing. It was a definate eye opener. I use to teach with video years ago, but hadn't seen my swing on film until you recorded it at the world finals. Thanks for the tip about the right foot turned out. I need more resistance in my backswing. It went hand in hand with a pronounced (too much) upper body weight shift in addition to my left hand grip is was too strong. No wonder I lost a few to the right. The only bright spot was my plane was spot on. I couldn't have seen that without your help...., I look forward to working with you at next years finals.
Sincerely, Bruce "The Hitman" Evans

Yes its no problem using me as a reference, Thank you once again.
Regards Ryan Louw

YES, you can use my name. You guys are epic in my eyes.
THANKS!! Jesse Petterson